Crafting the Future.

We, Double Shift, take you, South Africa, to be our beloved Playground.

A Dream To Reality.

Double Shift started in 2019, in a spare room, in some spare time. Founded by Kurt Schroder, DS was dreamed and designed to fill a gap in the advertising industry – Serving small and medium enterprises with quality, value-creating creative solutions that add Rands and Sense.

We have positioned ourselves at the intersection of creativity and business strategy. Ensuring good ideas translate into good value for our clients.

The Special Sauce.

At Double Shift, we work as a collective of creatives, pulled together per client and project need. Why do we do this? It keeps our creative juices dynamic, the executions fresh – as well as reducing the burden on our clients, cutting out inflated costs of overheads needing to be worked into the project costing.

Crafting the Future.

We are small, agile and innovative – tailoring solutions to fit each client, each brief and each situation. We work with multi-skilled creatives that are able to tackle problems from diverse perspectives, building great ideas, which create great value.

Our relationships with our clients, and their trust in us, are the most valuable parts of our business. It is from that platform that we can collaborate, configure and create – together – crafting the future of their businesses and brands.

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