These 3 Things: Health. Hope. Help.

May 12, 2020
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May 12, 2020 Kurt Schroder

These 3 Things: Health. Hope. Help.

How we as Double Shift are fighting our way through Lock-down.

Disclaimer: This may appear to be just another Covid-19 post, but we hope that you read past this point and see some hope for these distressing times.

Covid-19 is the super-mega-black-swan which very few of us were prepared for.

We cannot say it was entirely unexpected – Bill Gates spoke about how stuffed we would be in a viral outbreak in his 2015 Ted Talk, and Nobel Prize Winner Joshua Lederberg is a Lock-down-Google-Search-Star for his pre-2000 quote which reads “The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the virus.”

Regardless, this is where we find ourselves as the human-race, and as a small Start-Up…  My oh my, it has been (blerrie) uncomfortable!

Fortune favours the Fortunate

At Double Shift, we are fortunate to have been able to continue trading through this lock-down period. To be clear, that is entirely due to the nature of our business – rather than some masterstroke of leadership foresight from our part. We serve creative solutions to our clients that frequently play out in digital spaces – websites, content management, social media, Google analytics, SEO, tra la la la. We desperately miss meeting with our clients face-to-face, but the transition for us into the Covid-19-led-4th-Industrial-Revolution is not all that daunting.

We are grateful to have been (relatively) unaffected by this time.

Relationships > Rands.

On paper and according to our accountant, we have lost a lot– a lot of turnover; contracts have been terminated without notice periods, invoices have been left unpaid, we have invested in spaces where we wont get return… However, the way we see it, we haven’t lost any clients – and we are proud of that. We are (still) in this together.

We have done, and are doing our best to be understanding and supportive of our clients difficult spaces at this time – and not leave them alone it. Relationships, after all, are the most valuable business asset we can hold!

We are fortunate here, that we have done some planing and work before this time – putting away savings that help to protect our cash flow, so we can be more flexible in serving clients – even where their cash-flow is compromised.

We are grateful.

These 3 Things

Through this time, and with all the bombarding information, negative sentiments, concerns, and fear, we are focusing on These 3 Things – and if you are able, we would encourage you to focus on These 3 Things too:

  1. Health: We are ensuring we take on the demands, rigors and stresses of work with a healthy body, mind and soul as out foundation. Rest well. Move, naturally, every day. Eat wholesome food (and have fun making it!). Connect with your loved ones. Laugh. Be well.
  2. Hope: Cling to Hope, and be inspired. We are inspired by the human spirit during this time; seeing people re-prioritize their lives, reconnect with their real motivators and values, as well as re-evaluate the direction they’ve been speed-boating in. We are inspired by the innovation, creativity and flexibility of businesses to reach new needs, and new audiences, through new channels.
  3. Help: Where you can, with what you have, we can each be helpful to another. That can play out in giving money, time, advice, support, or perhaps just blowing a kiss (from a safe, social distance – from behind a fabric mask – of course). Stay helpful, because we are all in this together – so let’s behave that way.

Nobody knows how long the course of this Coronavirus-scourge will run, or what hurdles and hailstorms will still meet us along the way – but we still retain the power to respond beautifully.

Stay Healthy. Stay Hopeful. Stay Helpful.

With love,

Kurt & Double Shift