We exist to craft great ideas and then translate them into reality through story, strategy and design.

"Ideas without action are useless."

- Helen Keller

Who we are

Double Shift is a bespoke creative agency, focused on translating great ideas into great creative solutions. We do this by helping businesses & brands cut through their clutter to clarify their ideas and messages. Then, once we have clarity, we can begin to craft new realities and drive conviction through strategy, story and design.

Consulting & Creative Strategy

We immerse ourselves into your business, brand and big ideas. Delivering our own unique insights and perspectives, we collaborate with teams to guide their creative and strategic direction.

Design & Development

Our team of designers and developers are able to bring your big idea to life – whether digital or print, corporate or commercial, niche or nationwide. We design and develop the lot.

Content Creation & Social Media

We develop and manage engaging content, connecting businesses and brands to their target audiences. Photo, Video, Audio, Copy-writing, Design. We craft content that inspires.

Are your Messages like Music, or just more Noise?

Communicate with Clarity and Conviction.

We, the Double Shifters.

We believe that the greatest creativity comes from healthy, happy and hope-filled humans. That’s why we are focused on cultivating and maintaining a culture that is healthy, connected, inspired and safe for our people to discover and deliver great work. That great work translates into solved problems, inspiring solutions and real-world value for our clients. Simple.

Growing with our Clients.

We get to work with some wild, weird and wonderful people.
Here are some of the things they have to say about us.

Some of Our Work.

We pride ourselves on crafting tailored solutions for each of our clients.
These are a few of the projects we enjoyed the most!

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